Touch the Earth Ranch-House

Picture Story

Excavation & "Construction Office"


Here comes our "Construction Office", a 23' travel trailer we would spend many hours in for the next four years.  Fall of 1990.








"Foundation" work on a travel trailer.  Living in a travel trailer is no easy trick in Colorado.  The summers are great, but the winters are a matter of pure survival.  We skirted the trailer with two courses of straw bales.  The first winter taught us a lot about the freezing and thawing of various substances.   You'll probably guess correctly as to what those substances are.





Excavation was a two day process, one for the home site and one day for the septic system.  I had a "Y" placed in the septic system supply line.  One pipe went to the future house, the other, close to the trailer site.  If I had known how much trouble that "close" would turn out to be, I'd have parked that trailer exactly where that trailer dump was located.  The longer the cold pipe, the colder the contents will be.  Contents that linger will surely be frozen.  Pipes plugged with frozen contents won't flow, but will back up the contents.




This is a backhoe tractor with bucket.  A front-end loader will also work well.  Often the excavator can install the septic system, as well.  Our cost for both, excavation and installation of a "standard" leach-field septic system (in a good percolating soil) was $1,600.  Fall of 1990.  



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